Magento 1.9.2 Unknown cipher in list: TLSv1

If you have recently updated your Magento version to 1.9.2 and have then tried to install a new extension via the Magento Connect panel – you will have no doubt come accross the following error:

Unknown cipher in list: TLSv1

Suprised Magento broke something with an update, no me neither? When Magento includes a downloader that’s expecting SSL on a brand new version release when they’ve actually shut it off on the server. DOH!  The solution is as follows:

Locate the following file: downloader/lib/Mage/HTTP/Client/Curl.php, try changing:


Hope that helps somebody else!

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I am a 80's child - the NES, N64 generation old enough to remember Boulder dash - young enough to play Call of Duty. I have been developing in PHP for over 10 years - I've been working in Unity 3D for the past 6 months as I expand my skills into Games Development - Magento development helps to pay the bills.

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